Decorative Wall Panels

Step up your home’s look with 3D decorative wall panels from Articture.
Discover our collection of modern & industrial designer panels, using premium materials for an elevated look. Materials include leather, wood, PVC and polyurethane. The majority of our pieces are crafted in-house with amazing imported materials. Inspired by Italian luxury and Scandinavian functionality.
Our wall panels are here to give you the vibe you want in your home - you’d be surprised how much of a difference removing blank white walls can make to add character.
Our panels are used in every space imaginable; restaurants, hotels, office lobbies, commercial buildings as well as homes and cottages. You can create a relaxing and inviting environment to unwind after a long day with soft, curvaceous lines. Alternatively, opt for a more industrial look to support a work environment with our wooden or sharper edged panels. The choice is yours. Our panels are easy to install, and are relatively light-weight; anyone can install them. On top of that, if you have any problems with installation our world-class customer service team will be ready to help. We promise to deliver on our guarantee of quality and fast worldwide shipping, every single time.
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