Ubiquitous Square 3D Wall Panel


Ubiquitous Square 3D Wall Panel


Ideal for Luxury Spaces

Easy Installation

Customizable Colors.



  • Product Specification
    • Material: 100% PU Leather
    • Surface Treatment: Oil
    • Production time: 15-20 days, fast shipping available upon request
    • Shipping time: 30-50 days

High quality, Versatile and Customizable Leather Wall Paneling

Rich, sumptuous, and undeniably sophisticated, leather accent walls command attention and evoke a sense of indulgence.

Ubiquitous Square 3D Wall Panel
Ubiquitous Square 3D Wall Panel

Where should these panels be used?

These panels are most commonly used in: hallways, living rooms, bedrooms, games rooms, stairways, fireplaces, offices, waiting rooms, banquet halls & country clubs. They can be used anywhere to elevate your space.

How hard is it to install these panels?

These products are easy to install for the average person. We advise getting a construction adhesive from your local hardware store for the best-results. They can be attached directly onto your wall by pressing and holding until the adhesive dries.

How many panels should I get?

As a rule of thumb, we recommend getting an extra 10% to cover additional

What material are the panels made of?

A high quality faux leather is used, designed to last for years to come. We use a vacuum formed polyurethane that supports the leather. Each panel is quality checked by hand.

How are these panels be cut to size?

These panels can be cut with any utility knife or exacto knife. They can also be cut quickly with a table saw, if available.