The quickest way to transform your space (wall panels)

Are you tired of looking at the same room that you’ve been walking into everyday? We feel you. Moving homes, breaking down walls, replacing your furniture or changing your flooring might seem enticing options - but are likely most realistic ones that you have available. These could run you in the tens of thousands, and you might not have the time or budget to follow through with any of those. If you are newly working from home, this experience might hit even closer to home.

Well what can you do to spruce things up?

Wall panels

This is where wall panels come in. When you hear wall panels, you might think about traditional wainscoting or molding that was used in older homes primarily to serve a functional purpose. And no hate, but those can definitely look a bit dated and make your space feel smaller.

The good news is wall panels dont have to be that way. Modern wall panels can be used to completely change your space, create intentional dynamic lines, and serve as a centerpiece of artistic expression for your rooms.

And best of all, it’s not just aesthetic, wall panels serve a huge functional purpose too. So lets go through our top reasons why you need wall panels now.

  1. They are a cost effective way to change your space. Rather than getting professionals to install brick, concrete, tiles and wood into your walls, all you need is adhesive, joint filler and retouching pigment with the wall panels that will be delivered to your home.

  2. Its fast - and easy. You don't need to have workers come in and work for weeks in your space. You’ll have the panels up in no time. That means you can spend the rest of your time on decorating and actually enjoying your space. You can take a look at this blog to see how to install wall panels.

  3. You have so options curated by artists and interior designers. You wont be limited to boring and ordinary brick, wood, concrete, drywall or tile. The world is at your fingertips, and your room will feel like a luxury retreat.

  4. It can be good for your health. Studies show that wood elements in a room can decrease anxiety and improve mental health.

  5. They are durable. Wallpaper can peel easily, but wall panels are long lasting and highly durable, meaning you wont be spending anything on your walls for a long time to come.

  6. They can enhance acoustics. If you have a home theater and want sound proofing and enhanced audio quality, wall panels might be a good way to do that. The same goes for keeping your bedroom calm and private.

  7. They are natural insulators. Instead of spending more on heating and air conditioning, wall panels can naturally prevent heat from flowing in or out of the wall.