Moss wall art: it's not just beautiful, it's good for you too

I first noticed moss wall art at the Boston Science Museum. It was a spectacular near 50 feet tall display spanning 3 floors of the museum. You could see people stopping by between exhibits hypnotized by this living wall connecting all the levels of the museum. Moss art has the ability to pull you in unlike any painting I’ve seen. It feels almost like a portal into a beautiful garden. But it’s more than just that, it’s good for you too. And here’s a short list of reasons why:

  1. They act as natural air purifiers. You’ve probably heard that plants naturally purify air, and have likely noticed that when you take a deep fresh breath in nature. But out of all plants, moss may have the best air cleansing capabilities of them all. Why you ask? This is partly because the large surface area of moss, which is like a “green lung” that captures all kinds of pollutants and allergens.

  2. They improve your productivity. We could all use a little more focus and moss wall art may be a calming tool to help you out with that. Renowned behavioural scientist Dr. Ulrich has published over 100 papers on the impact of plants and natural architecture on human behaviour and when it comes to productivity, the verdict is clear. The presence of plants and incorporating nature into architecture can help with mental clarity and focus.

  3. They keep you happy. Dr. Ulrich has found that incorporating nature into design has a wide range of benefits to your mental health. Exposure to plants helps with anxiety, happiness, anger management and overall well-being. Oh and did I mention how SOFT they feel? If you get good quality moss art like XXX, it should feel like a deep soft and spongy blanket. Don’t touch them TOO much, because you don't want to ruin them, but if you do - there's nothing quite like it and that's therapeutic in and of itself.

  4. They keep you healthy. As we pointed out before, they act as natural air purifiers - which is important because they keep bad toxins away that can help with lung health. According to Dr. Ulrich at nature and art can also help patients recovering from heart surgery and incorporating nature into hospitals can help cancer patients manage pain and emotional distress better.

  5. They are easy to maintain. Yes plants have a lot of the benefits that moss art does, but you have to clean up after them, have someone take care of them when you travel, make sure you provide them with enough light, water and all the appropriate nutrients. But preserved moss wall basically takes care of itself. It’s EASY.

  6. They might even.. replace your facial? Yes I know this sounds crazy - but its true! The air purification offered by moss art, along with its humidity balancing properties can actually help you get that glow you’ve been wanting.

  7. They act as natural noise insulators. Research shows that there's a variety of negative health effects from a prolonged exposure to noise. It can contribute to high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease and it can also affect your sleep, heart rate and mental health. Sounds scary! If you might be struggling with mental strain from a distracting environment, a statement moss wall art piece may be an elegant way to help fix that problem. Oh and its not just noise insulation. Moss art might also regulate your room temperature by acting as a hot or cold insulator, which means hello to some extra energy savings.

These are just some of the reasons I love having my moss wall art. They may not be the cheapest art you can pick up, but you recoup the benefits for years to come.