The Original Wall Light


The Original Wall Light


Designer Favorite

Whether cool or warm, this light will elevate the surrounding elements. It is a staple fave, trusted by designers.


Energy Efficient

Embrace your green side. Our outdoor lights use high efficiency LED strips to ensure seamless use.



Available in various sizes, this versatile lighting solution complements any space, adding sophistication and ambient lighting

Articture's Stripe Lined LED Wall Light perfectly blends style and functionality. Its elegant strip design creates a contemporary and visually striking aesthetic. With energy-efficient LED technology, it provides bright illumination while saving on energy consumption. Available in various sizes, this versatile lighting solution complements any space, adding sophistication and ambient lighting. Elevate your interior decor with this seamlessly designed lighting option.
  • Product Specification

    • Material: Aluminum; Acrylic
    • Voltage:AC 85 - 265 V
    • Waterproof IP65
    • Lighting Color: Warm and/or Cool White
    • Lighting Area: 10 - 15 ㎡
    • Light Source: LED

    Fixture Dimensions:
    • 60 x 8 cm / 23.6 x 3.15 in - 15 w
    • 90 x 8 cm/ 35 x 3.15 in - 24 w
    • 120 x 8 cm/ 47 x 3.15 in - 26 w
    • 150 x 8 cm/ 59 x 3.15 in - 32 w
    • 180 x 8 cm/ 71 x 3.15 in - 38 w
    • 200 x 8 cm/ 79 x 3.15 in - 44 w
    • 240 x 8 cm/ 94 x 3.15 in - 48 w

High Efficiency LED Strips

We've used the latest models of high efficiency LED strips to ensure cost savings and maximum illumination capabilities.

100% Water & Rust Proof

These lights are used on entrances, outdoor posts, along pathways, and are completely water/bug proof and use materials that protects against rust.

What is the difference between the color (remote controlled) and one light option?

Selecting the remote style allows you to alternate between any color of the rainbow (including any light option) while the one light option is limited to that one light style. Yes, you can also dim the lights with remote controlled option.

How do I control the lights?

These lights are controlled with a switch if hard wired or a remote control if dimmable option selected that can switch off or on your lights all at once. YES one remote can control all the lights together.

Can I get solar powered version of these lights?

Yes! Please reach out to our sales team at 289-216-8302 and they will be able to assist with any customizations.

Where is the wiring located on the light?

The wiring of the lights is located in the middle of light. If you'd like to customize it in a different position please reach out to our sales team 289-216-8302.

What if the led strip gets damaged can I replace it?

Absolutely! If your LED strips gets damaged for any reason please reach out to our team and we will have someone replace it for you ASAP.

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