Signature Goose Down Duvet

6 reviews

Signature Goose Down Duvet

6 reviews

800 Loft Factor

Hand-Picked Feathers


  • Product Specification
    • Twin: 150 x 200 CM
    • Queen: 200 x 230 CM
    • King: 220 x 240 CM

      • Pattern: Quilted
      • Material: Cotton
      • Filling: Goose Down
      • Washing Method: Dry Clean Only

Blissful Sleeps are Priceless

With duvets, one-size fits all isn't the solution. Some people will naturally feel cold at night, whilst others are overheating. We're here for all of you. For those who are always cold, opt for heavy. If you want to stop sweating overnight, choose the lightweight option. And for a general all-purpose duvet, go for that perfect medium-weight.

Signature Goose Down Duvet
Signature Goose Down Duvet

What is fill power or loft?

Fill power measures the quality and loft of down—the higher the number, the better the down and the more loft and warmth it will provide. Loftier down gets the highest ratings, as it is the warmest, lightest, and most compressible.

How can real down actually be sustainable?

We recognize the concern for animal welfare - it's so important. Down and feather is a by-product of the meat industry collected post-mortem. It would otherwise go to the landfill. We ensure the humane and ethical treatment of animals throughout our supply chain.

What would you recommend where apartment winters can be cold and summers can be hot and humid?

It can be tough to find a duvet that works well in both hot and cold temperatures. Any duvet has a certain insulating ability, which doesn't change based on the ambient temp. If the temperature of your home fluctuates over the seasons, it's best to go with the lighter weight. It's much easier to add an extra blanket when it's cold than to use a duvet that's too hot

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