Articture Signature Table+

2 reviews

Articture Signature Table+

2 reviews

Designer Favorite

This modern table is uses natural materials and minimalist design to provide a boost to any setting.


100% Solid Wood

Real hand-picked wooden boards are used for the wooden tops, while we use solid stone for the marble.


Phone Charger + Ambient Light

No pesky wires, this table has an embedded lightning-fast phone charger, as well as soft ambient lighting.

With an embedded lightning fast wireless charger and ambient lighting, this beautiful side table is made for the modern world. Designed to elevate the surrounding elements.

The Ideal Side Table

Multiple double layered table tops for extra storage. The perfect upgrade to your living room & bedroom.

Built for a Lifetime

Powder coated steel paired with solid stone or wood. This table and its components are built-to-last.


The ideal spots are beside beds, sofas or lounge chairs. Being able to charge your phone and provide ambient lighting in these areas is an excellent bonus.

Simply place the phone on the designated spot, and come back to your phone fully charged. Our wireless chargers are compatible with both iPhones and Android devices - we use the latest wireless charging coils for the fastest charge available.

Solid Black Walnut, Marble, and beautiful Slate are used for the table tops.

Our modern LED's, if used efficiently can last a lifetime. Functionally, if turned on 24/7, they are rated to last at least ten years.