Light of Life Lamp


Light of Life Lamp


Modern Design

This lamp is guaranteed to catch the eye and provide a pleasant ambience upgrade.


Perfect Gift

This lamp is perfect as a gift for a special occasion. They're commonly given for anniversary, wedding, housewarming, birthday gift and holiday gifts.


Wireless Charging

A must for the modern world - no more wires and no need to get up. Set down your phone and pick it up fully charged!

Plug Type:
  • Product Specification
    • Smooth touch controls to adjust brightness
    • Qi wireless phone charger
    • Bluetooth speaker
    • Material: Wood, ABS
    • Size: 150 X 286 X 183 mm
    • Power: 20 W
    • 3 levels of dimming
    • Input for the adapter: 100-220 V/ 50-60 HZ
    • Sleep Mode that turns off the light after 30 minutes of inactivity

The Complete Package

Put it anywhere. All the features needed in a bedside, table or desk lamp.

Instant Classic

The Light of Life is the product that started it all for Articture. With its timeless design, this product remains a customer favorite.

Where should I put this lamp?

The ideal spots are beside beds, sofa's and desks. Being able to charge your phone and provide ambient lighting in these areas is a must in the modern world.

How fast does it charge?

We've included 15 watt chargers, which can fully charge in 1-2 hours. When wireless chargers first came out, they were usually 5 watts - it could take 4-6 hours to charge your phone. We're committed to using the latest technology to ensure a real functional experience!

Is it real wood?

Real cherry wood is selected and veneered by hand.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is 100% free.

How long will the LED's last?

Our modern LED's, if used efficiently can last a lifetime. Functionally, if turned on 24/7, they are rated to last at least ten years.

Customer Reviews

Based on 223 reviews
Susan McMichael
It’s okay

It’s a beautiful piece overall, but the shade for mine is very plain—I was expecting the dark lines in the shade like the ones on the website. The lamp works fine but I wanted to use it as a warm accent light. Instead , the light seems rather cool. If it were sitting on a higher piece of furniture, it would probably appear warmer. But I have it sitting on a long bureau that is rather low, so I end up seeing the white light shining out of the top of the shade. I also wish the dimmer had a greater range. Even on the lowest setting, it’s too bright for my purposes. I haven’t tried the speaker or recharging features because it’s placed too far from my bed—out of reach. You’re probably wondering why I haven’t returned it based on this review, but my husband thinks it’s beautiful and wants to keep it. I also think it’s stunning—there’s a lot to love about it—but I wanted a lamp for a very specific spot and it’s just too bright and too cool for my tastes.

Sheril N
Can do it all

I love this lamp so much. its incredibly versatile because it doubles down as my speaker while i work or want to sleep.

Sharon Legendre
wonderful gift

The lamp arrived on time just before Christmas. Exactly what I wanted for a gift to my husband. Works perfectly.
Maybe one comment, Would have preferred the light to be less white, with a warmer tone.

Michael-Carole Stanfield
A wonderful part of my home.

I love it. I've had one approximately 3 years and still makes me happy.

Mike Sullivan
Great Light

It is a great looking light whether on or off. From the picture, I thought it would be larger and brighter to use as a reading light but it is great as it is.