Moroccon Beni Ourain Rugs

The perfect rug combination of modern design and traditional manufacturing.
When it comes to having remarkably made rugs that are handmade, comfortable, and have the highest quality, no one does it better than the Shilhah tribe Articture has partnered with in Morocco. Our Moroccan Beni Ourain collection offers a combination of modern design with traditional rug-making to offer one of the most unique collections of rugs in the market today.
The material Beni Ourain is highly revered for its exceptionally soft yet durable qualities that are unlike any fabric in the world today. This material was previously used as bed covering and is known for its cloud like feel that’s sure to reimagine your definition of comfort. In this collection we offer a variety of styles from minimalistic to contemporary and modern - whatever vibe fits your need, we’re sure to have you covered.
Combining our expert design skills with thousands of years of rug making has resulted in a collection that is sure to impress. These rugs are made to last a lifetime and are a unique piece to own that can fit any type of room within your home.
We guarantee that the quality of these rugs is the absolute highest and we promise to deliver on our exceptional customer service and speedy worldwide shipping every single time.
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