Moss Art by Articture

Sophisticated Moss Wall Art
Uncover a hidden gem in art that’s truly one of kind with the Moss Art collection from Articture. Our Moss art is the perfect wall accessory to rejuvenate your home with something incredibly unique and stylish. Our art pieces are each custom made in house from the finest preserved reindeer moss, with Canadian made wooden frames to ensure the absolute highest quality standards are met. Upgrading your walls décor with Moss art is an innovative way to showcase your designer capabilities and create an unmatched vibe that’s suitable for any room.
Our collection features a variety of moss styles, colours, and patterns that are natural and beautifully laid out. We’ve got many styles to choose from that can perfectly compliment any type of décor. Our Moss art has been featured in upscale hotels, restaurants, office spaces, commercial buildings, as well as homes and cottages. Create the perfect ambience with Moss wall art from Articture.
Our Moss wall art is incredibly easy to install and requires absolutely no maintenance. Since the moss is already preserved, you will not need any watering or sunlight to keep it green and lush. On top of that, if you have any questions or problems with installing your art pieces our world-class customer service team will always be ready to help. We promise to deliver on our guarantee of quality and fast worldwide shipping every single time.
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