Two Tone (White and Beige) Moroccan Rug


Two Tone (White and Beige) Moroccan Rug


Designer Approved

Modern interior designers have embraced tribal rugs as a source of color and character to ground a room.


100% Wool

Sheep in the Atlas Mountains have an exceptionally thick and fluffy wool pile, and is one of the highest quality materials in the world for rugs.


Made in the Mountains

100% Authentic - made by generational weavers from the Berber Tribespeople of the Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Articture | Atlas Mountains

The founders of Articture have sat down with a ancient village renowned for its world class rugs abilities. These are rugs are consistently commissioned by Arabic royalty. Sheep from the Atlas Mountains are known for the soft and luxurious feel of the wool. The rugs are hand knotted by expert Rug Masters.

Articture’s partnership in the Atlas mountain has allowed us to bring a modern twist on the traditional Moroccan styles. Our commitment to modern and contemporary design principles, combined with generations of rug-making techniques that have been passed down for hundreds of years has resulted in a collection that we honestly believe, might be our best yet. This ones a no brainer.

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As each rug is handmade in Morocco, production will take about 6-8 weeks.

  • Product Specification
    • 100% Handmade Acrylic provides your feet soft comfort
    • Can be mechanically or hand washed

World Renowned

Of all the types of rugs in the world, Beni Ourain may be the most revered.

Modern Textiles

African patterns and textures bring an elevated touch to a modern setting.


First, wool is sheared, washed, dried and then selected. It is then spun through looms to create workable threads. After that point, the Berber weavers will start the massive undertaking of weaving these wool rugs by hand! Once completed, each rug must be thoroughly washed and dried in the crisp air of the Atlas Mountains.

The pile gets up to about 1.5" high. There will be natural variation since each rug is handmade.

Natural materials like wool, silk and jute have always felt superior to synthetic materials. Besides their feeling, they will last longer and have anti-microbial and fire-resistant characteristics.

Think of a rug pad as protection you can't afford to go without. It protects you, your rug, and your floor. Some of its benefits include, keeping your rug from slipping, extending the life of your rug, insulates the room from a cold sub-floor.

Our rugs are manufactured to order in the Atlas mountains. Shearing, washing and dying the wool takes about 1 week. The weaving process can take up to 4-6 weeks, depending on the size of the rug and how many rugs the weavers have to make.

The rugs are then thoroughly washed and dried in the crisp air of the Atlas Mountains. After packaging, they are shipped out with an estimated delivery time of 8 weeks.