Noir Lamp


Noir Lamp


Designer Approved

This lamp is designed to elevate the surrounding elements. It provides a beautiful ambience upgrade.


Wireless Charging

No pesky wires, this table has an embedded lightning-fast phone charger, as well as soft ambient lighting.


Booming Speakers

With a feat of engineering, we packed in 4 booming speakers in each lamp. Using high quality drivers, you wont be disappointed in the sound quality.

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An incredible lamp, with wireless charging technology and booming speakers.

The Complete Package

Put it anywhere. With its booming speakers & wireless charging capability, it has all the features needed in a bedside, table or desk lamp.

Timeless Design

A customer favourite, this lamp has withstood the test of time.


The ideal spots are beside beds, sofa's and lounge chairs. Being able to charge your phone and provide ambient lighting in these areas is a must in the modern world.

Our modern LED's, if used efficiently can last a lifetime. Functionally, if turned on 24/7, they are rated to last at least ten years.

We've included 15 watt chargers, which can fully charge in 1-2 hours. When wireless chargers first came out, they were usually 5 watts - it could take 4-6 hours to charge your phone. We're committed to using the latest technology to ensure a real functional experience!

The goal was to create with materials that provide weight and an excellent finish. We settled on aluminum for the lamp structure, with a tempered glass top.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Art Donovan
Quite beautiful!

A very beautiful and unique table lamp with all the bells and whistles not found in any other sophisticated lighting designs. View the close up image-The mesh lampshade is actually gorgeous with a round-over chime top and bottom that completes the crown.

It was a bold move to make the lamp in a demure height that it is- and it's a perfect height for sound reproduction for couch/ chair or bed listening. And the diffused, LED base illumination from this double-duty lampshade is perfect! (However, am I naive in thinking that it's not Bluetooth? ) Anyway, Kudos for a beautiful design!

Roy R
Haven’t seen a lamp like this

This lamp is truly a magnificent all in one piece that has everything and anything you’d want in one lamp. It’s perfect for my room as I love listening to podcasts while going to bed and the speaker quality is elite.

Bernardo Both

Noir Lamp

James L.
Everything you could want

Speakers amazing. Chargers Solid. Quality Great! Everything you could possibly want in a lamp.

Jostling Landry
Really really really really really amazing speakers

Honestly, the price for this lamp isn't cheap but once it arrives and you feel the quality to it, it is worth every penny. I used the speakers for an entire party of 20 people and it worked really well. They are SO good. The chargers are an added bonus too obviously.