Ode to Provence Duvet Cover Set (Egyptian Cotton)


Ode to Provence Duvet Cover Set (Egyptian Cotton)


Luxurious Weave

Sateen weave for beautiful, lustrous sheen


Iced Cooling

A breathable cotton that actively cools, wicking away heat and sweat


Egyptian Cotton

Genuine Egyptian cotton for superior softness & lustre

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Treat yourself to ultimate luxury with our Ode to Provence Duvet Cover Set. Made from high quality Egyptian Cotton, our bedding is naturally cool to the touch and offers the perfect balance between breathability and insulation - keeping you comfortable no matter the season.

  • Product Specification
    4 Piece Sets Include:
    • 1 Duvet Cover
    • 1 Flat Bed Sheet
    • 2 Pillowcases

    Sizes Available:
    • Queen (200 x 230 CM)
    • King (220 x 240 CM)

    • 1000TC Egyptian Cotton

Signature Goose Down Duvet



Real Egyptian Cotton. Ultimate Comfort.

Unparalleled softness and long-lasting vibrancy with our Egyptian Cotton, available in a myriad of designer prints.

Happiness Guarantee

If you don’t love your sheets within 30 nights, simply return it to us for a full refund. No risk, all the reward.


Put simply, many things. Egyptian cotton stands as the planet's softest and most enduring cotton type, owing to its remarkably long staple length. It's the only cotton variant gathered manually, ensuring every yard of fabric uses the best raw materials in the world.

This intricate and luxurious weave leads to a sleek, satin-like appearance. Creating a cotton sateen weave involves skillful weaving, where yarns are woven in a 3-over-1 pattern. The result is a super smooth and silky finish.

We maintain a high thread count of 600 for our Egyptian Cotton bed sheets. However, it's important to know that thread count doesn't define quality - it is often a vanity metric. The quality of cotton is a magnitude more important. This is why we exclusively use hand-picked Egyptian cotton, with rigorous quality checks along each step of the weaving process.

Our sheets are fully machine-washable. We recommend a cold wash, and hang dry for best results! You can also throw them in the dryer on a low heat setting.

Customer Reviews

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I have ordered a Californian King size bed set but it doesn't fit right on the king size bed because the measurements are off. the printed design in shifted on a side and I can't center it correctly. the only way to have it in the middle of the bed is to twist it sideways. Also there are no fitted sheet for the mattress just one flat sheet that has a few seams, which is unusual for a high quality beddings.